Unlocking the
value of seaweed

Our oceans are out of sync. Thalasso builds tools to scale seaweed management, bringing balance to the ocean and benefits to coastal communities.

Our coastlines are being invaded

Climate change has caused unprecedented blooming of sargassum – and it’s threatening coastal economies, livelihoods and ecosystems.
Seaweed plant

Balancing ecosystems

When seaweed grows where it’s supposed to, it promotes healthy oxygen levels, creates a refuge for marine life, and improves the health of coastal ecosystems.

Promoting tourism

Proper management of harmful algal blooms avoids having to close beaches and promotes touristic activity on the shorelines.

Supporting communities

From fishing to harvesting, a healthy seaweed ecosystem provides vital livelihood opportunities for coastal communities.

Boosting economies

A valuable resource, seaweed can be transformed into valuable end products from plastic alternatives to biofertilizers.

Seaweed plant
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